The Sommer House

The “Sommer House” located in Whitefield, built in the year 1950, was previously owned by Dorothy Sommers, a German, who fittingly named the gabled cottage ‘Peace Place’.

When Dorothy Sommers left Whitefield for Germany the property was sold by her children to a celebrated Master Mariner. The property was subsequently bought by Christine and Sulaiman Jamal in 2012.

Being a prime location strategically positioned opposite the Forum Value Mall Whitefield- it was a prime property for high end commercial use and destined to be razed to the ground.

The new owners had different plans- which was to ensure that this heritage ‚ÄúPeace Place” was restored to its former glory in order to keep the history of Whitefield alive and to relive the glorious old times.

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Vintage Cars

The Sommer House has its own fleet of prized Vintage cars, (belonging to the Jamal stable), available to make your occasion most memorable.

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